Vacation Watch

The Lockport Police Department provides a free residential security check for those citizens who are living in single family home or duplexes within the municipality.

This service consists of having an officer conduct foot patrol around the home to make sure it is secured.  The Officer will check to make sure windows and doors are locked and undamaged.  They will also check the vehicles left at home to make sure they are secure, as well.  A careful log is kept of what activity was conducted on your property while you were away.  If, by chance, a burglary occurs at your residence while you’re away, the individual that you specify as your emergency contact will be notified.

This service helps in providing peace of mind for those that need to be away from their home for an extended period of time.  House checks are not conducted on homes that are occupied for any length of time during the homeowner’s absence, and will not be available for homes that are vacant and up for sale or rent.

If you are interested in having a vacation house check, please fill out the on-line form, come by the Police Department located at 710 Church Street Lockport, La. 70374 or give us a call at (985) 532-9799.  Be sure to have the following information available:

  • When you are leaving (date & time, if known)
  • When you expect to return (date & time, if known)
  • Your name, address, and phone number
  • Whether there will be any cars outside your residence while you are gone (include make, model, license number)
  • Who has permission to enter the residence while you are gone (i.e.. to feed pets, water plants, etc.)
  • An emergency contact name and number.
  • Any other information you feel is important for us to know.


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