Department History

In the early 1900’s town officials found it difficult to establish a law enforcement agency.  In 1900 Edgar Barrios refused the offer of Mayor Abribat to serve as Village Marshal because the “salary was insufficient.”  The following year the salary was fixed at $5.00 monthly.

In 1904 it was agreed that the marshal would be paid $2.40 per arrest as a salary.  Still no one sought the office, so the village council resorted to appointing a night watchman whose duty was to inspect the premises of all subscribers to his service.

Finally, on September 18, 1906 John S. Barker agreed to serve as night watchman for a salary of $60.00 per year, and on March 15, 1907, the village purchased a badge for the marshal.  Soon thereafter Barker resigned, and for many years no one would serve as marshal.

Lockport has had a full-time Chief continuously since 1932.  In that year Emile Rodrigue was elected and re-elected every four years until his term ended in 1960.  Because of his life long tenure, he was referred to as “Police” by everyone.  Police was an honest, devoted public servant.   He earned $30.00 monthly and his duties also included cleaning ditches, making water connections, grading streets and other jobs.

The following is a chronological listing of Police Chief’s:

1932 – 1960 Emile Rodrigue

1960 – 1966 Nathan Champagne

1966 – 1978 Elery Morvant

1978 –  1979 Perry Guirdy (Appointed)

1979 – 1986 Ecton Theriot

1986 – 1997 Ernest Boudreaux

1997 –  2004 Gary Robichaux

2004 – Present Warren Vedros

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