Police Chaplains

Rev. Fr. Robert Joel T. Cruz of Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church is the volunteer Chaplain for the Lockport Police Department. He can be reached at: (985) 633-2903 or by email.


Believing that God cares about all people, Chaplains stand ready to show the forgiving love and redeeming power of God to all people confronted with crisis. Believing that God expects them to act responsibly,  Chaplains also stand ready to give the best of their concern and skills to those they serve. In order to do this, Chaplains recognize their dependence upon God and pray for strength, direction and wisdom.


  • Chaplains do not intend to replace in any way an individual’s own spiritual advisor. Rather, the Chaplains attempt to provide support and “spiritual first aid” until the person’s own clergy can be contacted.
  • In instances where an individual is not spiritually inclined, the Chaplains may play a supportive role and are available, but never force their beliefs on a person in the midst of crisis.
  • A Police Chaplain’s involvement in any situation must first be requested by a member of the department.
  • The Coordinator and Chaplains are not law enforcement officers and possess no law enforcement authority other than that of any private person.



The Chaplain may be called on to assist police officers in a variety of situations including, but not limited to:

  • Death notices
  • Accidents involving serious injury – for comfort to the injured and their families
  • Persons who are confused or emotionally upset
  • Attempted or potential suicide, victims, and/or the families of such persons
  • Family disturbance – the Chaplains may wish to make appointments for counseling or may make referrals for counseling as the need may be
  • Persons who simply want or need to talk over problems
  • Alcoholics and/or their families
  • Assist police officers and the people they contact in any other function of the ministerial profession as requested
  • Counsel with persons in jail and their families

The Police Chaplains are available to help the law enforcement officers themselves in times of illness, injury, sorrow, tension, or other difficulties.


  • Tell others about the program
  • Pray for the program

If you are a member of clergy here in Lockport and are interested in joining the Lockport Police Department Clergy Team please contact Chief Warren Vedros at the Lockport Police Department (985) 532-9799 or Rev. Father Robert Joel T. Cruz.

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